Jul 21, 2010

Exit interview - Check!

So I had my exit interview today!

I am sad AND super excited/happy to be leaving my current job.  I'm sad because I have learned so much working here!  My manager is SUPER AWESOME boss lady and I love her.  She's so amazing and has taught me so much.  The team I worked with was also SUPER AWESOME too.  Seriously, I was really lucky getting to work with great people.  My team rocks!  GO BIOMED/LIFE SCIENCE TEAM!!! And that's why I am sad, because I'm leaving the great and awesome people behind.  BUT, I'm happy because I'm opening up a new chapter in my life.  I am taking on a new and challenging position.  I will not have an hour and half commute anymore!  I won't have to walk 15 minutes in super hot weather, downpours, and super cold weather anymore!  I am getting my personal time back from the commute and also not spending a shit ton of money on my commute!  So, i'm HAPPY and SAD at the same time.  But this is a move that I have to take for me.  I know my co-workers are happy for me and thank god for facebook I can still keep in touch with most of them.  

So, I have two more days to go this week and then next week I start the new job!  Eeeekkkk.  

So, any words of advice for my first day at the new job?


Brittany said...

I am sure that its bitter sweet but it seems like you have made the right decsions!

Good luck on your job move! Seems like a good one!! :))

Pollyanna said...

Good luck next week!

My advice is to suck up and bring donuts :)