Jun 10, 2010

Wedding mania!

Remember when I told you it was time to plan a wedding?  Well, the time has come where the planning is almost finalized!!!

My best friend is here from Chicago taking care of the last minute wedding details!  We had her bridal shower on Saturday and it went great!
Tomorrow will be the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner then Saturday morning at 8am we will  be up and getting beautified for her wedding!!!!!

So exciting!  So, wish us lots of luck that
1. It doesn't thunderstorm like they say it will.
2. That it won't be 85 degrees because we might melt from the heat!

Ahhhh.... so excited for my best friend!

Let the wedding SHENANIGANS begin!

1 comment:

Drew's Mom said...

Sounds like fun! Good luck with the weather. Congrats to the couple!