Jun 30, 2010

Today is a new day.

So I'm very happy right now.

Tonight, I'm going to see an amazing group of friends who are always thinking positive.  True friends are the ones who give you that contagious feeling of positivity and loving life!!!! So excited.

Also, had a good phone call today too that made me smile.  So, I'm here to tell you that I'M BACK!

Back to the silly person who writes the most crazy and ridiculous things that only happen to me so I can  make you giggle.  If you giggle, I'm happy!

I want to ask one thing for you all to really think about.
Cherish your life at this moment.  Don't EVER say  you'll wait for later to do something BIG in your life.  We take our lives for granted but there might possibly that one day that will turn your life upside down.  During that time, the only thing you will do is think "What if...." and "Why didn't I take advantage of my life and do the things I wanted to always do such as..."   If you have a dream,  GO FOR IT. Don't dream small, dream BIG.  For some people, their lives change forever and for some, they live with the "What if it is..." and linger with that in the back of their heads for weeks thinking the time they have wasted and the time they might lose.  Don't be that person!  It causes major stress on the body and mind!  And you lose yourself.  It's not worth it.  Be grateful for what you have and live every day as if it was your last.  Take it from me people, you want to be happy because being happy is contagious.

So, let's go out there and enjoy our life to the fullest like we deserve to.

xoxo my bloggy friends and thank you ALL for the support, friendship, comments, and giggles you have given me.

The joys of enjoying life..... it feels good!