Jun 9, 2010

People watching is so fun

So yesterday I was hanging out at Hoboken terminal waiting to see which track my train was on.  So, I had a chance to do some people watching.  Let's face it, people watching is always fun and hilarious.  So i'm standing there and the race starts.  People who are running late are speeding through the terminal trying to look at the big screen to see which track their train is on so they can catch it on time.  When they do that, they tend to forget that they are running and NOT paying attention. All of a sudden, BAM!  They slam into bystanders who are walking/standing.  Of course, since they are running late they have no time to stop, so they slam into people yell out sorry as they continue running through the terminal STILL not paying attention.

I witnessed this two times yesterday in a span of 10 minutes.  Freaking  hilarious!  Also, I give the women props who run in three inch heels.  Now that's a SKILL!  :)

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Pollyanna said...

People watching is an AWESOME way to pass the time. It's better when you're able to wear sunglasses, but that might have looked weird waiting for the subway :)

Sometimes, I think by participating in such "sport" I'm purchasing a ticket to hell. I mean, really, what are people thinking before they leave the house? But it's so much fun, it's worth it.

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

I like watching people in the cars next to me while Mr. Bear drives... always catching something funny - a fight, someone belting out a tune, nose picker, or someone groovin to the beat.

Unknown said...

I had my own people-watching experience over the weekend...let's just say the Mullet is alive and well.