Jun 23, 2010

Need your support bloggy friends

I'm so sorry I have been missing in action lately.  Work travel had me at San Francisco and it threw me all off balance.  Long hours that were smack in the middle of the day along with time difference that my body refused to get use to creating a very unhappy Mrs. Newlywed Giggles.

I need your support though.  I have SOOO much going on right now in my life and as much as I said that I wouldn't let it affect me, it has taken over.

I'm not me.  My mind is so scrambled and stressed right now that I'm losing it!  But it's bad as it's affecting my attitude both at home and work.  Which is a big deal that I need to fix asap!  With what's going on, it's so hard to focus but I just keep telling myself "You will get through this".  So, please send me funny stories so I can laugh again (i miss that), send me hugs, send me something to make me feel better because I have nothing left in me.

Work is kicking me in my butt too.  Because of lack of focus, things are going wrong way too much.  I feel super guilty and I know it's too late to fix anything, but I still feel like crap about it.  I just don't know what to do.  I'm trying to tackle everything at once, but I have lost that touch of time management which I need to find again.  Ugh.  Boss lady is not happy either, and that's the last thing I want!  I have a great relationship with boss lady and really take pride working with her, but I'm pretty sure she is losing some faith in me so I need to turn that around.  Maybe if I bake her cakes?  Who doesn't like baked goods?

So, I might be a bit moody, bitchy, sad, happy, frustrated, stressed all at the same time so I apologize to everyone now for the posts that might be coming up in the next few days.  The posts might potentially be a bit wacky!

So, i'm off to attempt to get my life and work life back in order.  Prayers requested for good thoughts.  That's all I would like to say now.  Just a few more weeks and then I will know which path God is sending me down.

xoxo my bloggy friends!
and thank you for being awesome bloggy friends. 


Brittany said...

Big hugs sent your way! :))

Katrina said...

<<>>! Hope everything settles down for you! I have totally been there. =)

Brittany said...

p.s. you're being featured tomorrow! Sorry it took so long! :)