Jun 7, 2010

I'm hosting a giveaway!

So, this weekend has been filled with wedding related stuff!!!  My best friend is getting married next week, so this past weekend we had her shower and bachelorette party!  We had a blast at both and pics soon to come!  Her cake was unbelievable too!!!!

So, how is your Monday going?   Mine is going good.  I have been coming into work earlier and leaving later due to summer hours.  I work extra the four days of the week and Friday, I only have to work till noon!  Awesome right.  One perk about my  job.  You would think that I would be exhausted getting up at 6 am but I'm not.  I feel amazing and get great sleep.  And I truly believe I feel this great because of the Mona.Vie juice drink I have been taking.  My best friend aka brother introduced me to the health supplement juice and I started taking it and LOVE it.  It's amazing how much better I feel.  Loads of energy and I haven't gotten sick since January!  Now, if you know me, I used to get sick at least once a month with a cold.  My immune system went downhill ever since I got mono in high school (which was years ago!) and my body just would not fight off any infections.  But ever since I started drinking this Mona.Vie Mun juice drink, I haven't gotten sick at all!!!!!  It's amazing!  What's great about it is that it taste real good too and it's all natural with no preservatives and all the crappy stuff that us American's have grown accustomed to put in our bodies.  It has the best exotic fruits that are jam packed with antioxidants and those babies are keeping me healthy!  Ha ha ha.  Both the hubs and I are drinking and we LOVE it.

So, I want to share all this goodness with you so the best way to do it is through a giveaway!!!!!!!

I'm giving away one bottle of Mona.Vie juice to a lucky winner!

HOW TO ENTER is super duper uber simple.

Just leave a comment saying you want to win because you want to  be healthy!!!!!  Make sure your e-mail is included or linked to your account so I can get in contact with you.
The giveaway ends on JUNE 16  so enter now and tell your other bloggy friends.  Would love to share the goodness of health around!!!!

GOOD LUCK my bloggy peeps and have a wonderful week!
I'll post a picture recap of my  best friend's bridal shower and keep you up to date on their wedding!!!! Sooo excited!

Also, if you want to read up more info about Mona.Vie, click here and you can see for yourself all the nutritional facts and what each bottle is tailored too.  Enjoy!


Alena said...

First, I do want to be healthy. But I also LOVE IT! I had some last year but it was too expensive to keep up! I wanna win. Just pick me now and wrap it up. lol

e-mail: charminglychandler@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I want to win because I want to be healthy! haha great give-away!

krystal said...

I *want* to win... no wait, I *need!* to win!! :)