Jun 30, 2010

I don't learn my lesson

Why is that every time it's windy outside is the day I decide to wear a skirt to work!!!!!!

Seriously, you think I would have learned my lesson after this happened last time I wore a skirt.
Guess what, I didn't!

What a day it has started out to be.


~Tom~ said...

No wonder so many people love working in NYC. I live and work out on the island and it is almost always breezy here. Perhaps instead of fighting the wind and trying to keep the booty covered, just wear big sun glasses instead and hide the identity instead of the dignity. hehehe

Anonymous said...

In my old high school we had 4 floors so 8+ flights of stairs. My cousin fell down the stairs in a skirt and it went up over her head. At least that didn't happen to you around the whole student body who knew you :) It'll be ok I promise :)

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