May 11, 2010

Remember my turkey living in suburb story!?!?! Update!!!! Babies soon to be born!

So, if you don't remember the story about how around 6am we heard a turkey gobbling outside our window, please catch up here.  I'll wait for you...

All caught up?  Great.

So, update.  One of my friends who lives on the street next to ours posts on facebook status this message:

"So my neighbor has a turkey that made a home on his front lawn. Yes, a real live turkey, and it's sitting on ten eggs waiting for them to hatch. There's going to be a whole gang of turkeys running around [our suburban town where turkeys do NOT live] pretty soon."

Also, my mother and neighbor took pictures of the turkey crossing the street while the turkey was taking an afternoon stroll.  
I guess soon we will have turkey babies running around the streets.  Should be interesting.

Oh yeah, and a whole bunch of people started commenting saying to be careful because turkey are really dangerous.... really? Turkeys?


Jane said...

Thanksgiving's at your house!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

I grew up with families of turkeys living in my backyard! While I do admit they are VERY annoying, they are harmless =0) Unless you harrass them of course, I've seen people chased!