May 20, 2010

A moment with the hubs

So these last two weeks have been a bit hectic for the hubs and I.  It seems that almost everyday after work there was something going on which we were out and about for.  Yesterday was a long day.  Long as in we stepped foot in our house for about 10 minutes after work before we got back into the car to head out.  We were in a meeting and at times we both looked at each other with a warm look.  You know that look your husband gives you that don't need any words to be spoken because you know that he's just "saying" I love you and adore you. That's the look we gave each other.  We have both been making BIG changes in our life and are so excited about it.  It's amazing how great things lead to greater things.  Last night on our way home, we were starving because we didn't eat anything before our meeting but neither one of us wanted heavy food.  I told him I was content on having a bowl of cereal but we needed to stop in the 24 hour Pathmark to pick up some milk.  So, we went out of our way to get some milk and as we were walking in the store, we were holding hands and were just on cloud 9!  These past couple of days big things have been happening and I feel like our bond is getting even closer.  Sometimes you just need to stop the busy life, and take a moment to appreciate your life at that given moment.  People worry so much about other stuff and tend to forget about themselves.

The hubs and I are ONLY thinking about yourselves now and no one else.  We have to make sure we are good before we can help anyone else.  And I'm happy with that.  I'm happy that we are both realizing that we need to make these changes for US and only US.

So to end my sappy corny lovey dovey post, I leave you with a recent pic of the hubs and I!

The hubs is freakin adorable!  God I love him so much!    

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