May 24, 2010

I'm feeling GREAT!

What a weekend I had!  It was jam packed with POSITIVE energy and POSITIVE people!  Amazing how being around friends who are always thinking positive and have goals in their life that they are ACTUALLY pursuing instead of just dreaming!

We were soooo busy this weekend but it was all fun!

Lately, my mind has been turned around and I'm unstoppable!  I am loving every minute of my life NOW and going to love every minute of it in the future.  I'm so pumped with great energy that I might sound like a crazy person, but it's so true!!!!!  As I talked about before here, me and the hubs are doing BIG things and no one will stop us.  And because of these changes that we both have taken, we are loving life, even when things aren't going so well.  So many people forget to live life in the present moment but I'm so glad that we have re-evaluated our life and are now living OUR life.

Also, I just want you to all know how grateful I am for having a husband who is amazing!  He really just made this weekend so much better by being excited and not letting anyone crush our dreams!  I puffy heart him so much.

So, I have a two day work week before we are off to vacation!!!!!!!!  It is MUCH MUCH needed so we are excited.

But when I come back from vacation, to share this joyous time in our life, I am going to host a giveaway for you!  You, bloggy friends, are awesome with your positive energy and wonderful comments and blogs.  It is truly amazing how starting this blog has enriched my life with bloggy friends and support from you all.  I have some "friends" who don't support me the way some of you guys do so as a thank you, I want to give you a chance to win at my giveaway.  It's an awesome one!!! So stay tuned for the first week of June and tell your friends!

I leave you with hugs and kisses full of positive energy and hope your Monday is a great one.  Pass on the positive energy as well because it makes people smile and who wants to walk around all grumpy? Not me!
Happy Monday my bloggy friends!!!!!!


Kimberly said...

Your so positive and full of energy!! its catching! :>)

Juliana said...

WOO HOO! Your attitude and energy are contagious!