May 12, 2010

I think I'm getting baby fever...

I learned that writing that title makes a huge difference if you forget to add something.

Conversation I had with the hubs over blackberry messenger a few minutes ago.... Please see my additional notes in red.

2:07pm  ME:  I think I'm getting baby fever
(I notice what I left out and feverishly trying to type out the corrections before he responds)
2:07pm  HUBS:  What?
(too late and i'm sure the hubs is completely freaking out a bit)
2:08pm  ME: Oh wait, that might scare you.  I should have wrote "I think I'm getting furbaby fever."
2:08 pm  HUBS: What?
(Then I send him this picture file)
2:08 pm ME:
2:08pm  ME: Furbaby! I want a furbaby like the pic I just sent
2:08pm  HUBS: What are you talking about?
(clearly the hubs didn't open the attachment yet so he's probably still thinking that I want actual human babies)
2:08pm  ME: 
2:09pm  ME: Furbaby = puppy
2:09pm  ME: Isn't the siberian puppy cute!
(and this is when the kicker comes in courtesy of hubs)
2:10pm  HUBS:  
(that is the Whew! icon)
2:10pm  ME: LMAO
2:10pm  ME: I'm cracking up in my cube!
2:10pm  ME: Gotta love bbm icons
2:11pm  ME: I'm so blogging about this convo!

So there you have it.  I might have almost given the hubs a heart attack when I started off the conversation.  Next time I'll proofread any sentence I send him that has the word "babies" in it!


krystal said...

That is an *adorable* pup! I have an akita mix and it's very similar to a husky and CUTE!

Alissa said...

This is really cute :)

Ashlee @ A Housewife Manifesto said...

I found your blog through Friday Follow and I am now following your with Google Friend Connect!

I hope to see you over at my blog soon!


Jessica Warrick said...

lmao that is so cute. i love the puppy. im your newet follower from ff

Juliana said...

This was a very cute post! It made me laugh!!