Apr 29, 2010

My 5 1/2 hour flight with stupid people who made the plane go back... jerks!

On Wednesday I took a flight home from my business trip in California.  It was a long flight since I was coming back to Jersey.  The plane is fully booked and with all these new luggage charges and restrictions, people are STUFFING their carry ons beyond belief.  One person's carry on was so stuffed that it looked like it weighed 90 pounds.  Now, thank you to Continental for actually ENFORCING the whole carry on rule.  They made people who looked like their carry ons were way too huge test it out by placing the bag in the "carry on sizer."  You know that thing that is usually next to the gate doors that says "if it don't fit, then it'll be checked."  But this causes delays because people get all freaked out about checking their bags and cause scenes. So, those people are Stupid People Group 1.

Stupid People Group 2 are the ones who are on the flight settling in who put bags and jackets in the overhead bins.  Now, the overhead bins are for people will roller carry ons to put above.  Your stupid little jacket and your stupid little purse is suppose to go UNDERNEATH the chair in front of you where it WILL fit and not bother your precious legs during the flight.  Seriously people, you're RUDE by putting your stuff above when it fits below.

And for the ultimate group, Stupid Couple.  We are on the plane all settled in.  Flight attendants close the cabin door.  We ALL know that once that cabin door is closed, all electronics are suppose to be OFF.  We know this because the flight attendants make announcements about it as they are closing the door and if you have flown a  plane before, you should freaking know.  No excuses.  The lady in front of me clearly thinks she can do whatever she wants.  She's on the phone talking!  We are about five minutes in since the door was closed.  Soooo illegal.  The lady flight attendant walks down the aisle and notices the lady hunched over trying to conceal herself.  The lady attendant turns around and goes to talk to another flight attendant.  He then comes down  pretending to check the aisle, when he gets to her row he says with a stern voice "You either get off the phone or get off the plane.  Your choice, option A or B so make a decision now."  Then he walks away.  Now, she gets off the phone and I hear her say "he said we can get off so I want to get off."  Me along with the people in my row are looking at each other with the facial expression "this freaking lady is crazy AND rude stupid lady."  Her husband then says, we can't get off, the plane just started to back away from the gate. The wife clearly doesn't care what her husband says and she presses the flight attendant button.  He comes back and asks her what he can help her with.  This is how the convo goes:

Stupid Lady: "I want to apologize for being on the phone but I was trying to get my assistant to get something on the next plane that I left behind.  I would like to get off the plane since you told me I could."

Flight Attendant: "Mam, we are already moving and the only way I can let you off the plane is if it's a medical emergency."

Stupid Lady: " Well, then this is a medical emergency."

Flight Attendant: "What is the emergency?"

Stupid Lady: "I forgot all of my medication, including the most important one for my asthma.  I need to get off the plane."

Now everyone around our rows can hear this and that's when you hear the grunting and unhappiness with this stupid lady.  CLEARLY it wasn't a medical emergency because you were on the plane trying to get the meds on the next flight out to you, but because the flight attendant wouldn't let you off because you didn't want to be on the plane anymore, it all of a sudden became an emergency.  Also, if your meds are so important to you, wouldn't you TRIPLE check to make sure you have your meds before you leave the house to the airport.  Seriously.  Well, because of Stupid Couple, the plane had to turn back around (thankfully we are still on the runway) and let the couple off.  This whole craziness situation took a half hour which made us delayed.  People were NOT happy.

In the end, the pilot sped things up in the air to get us to our destination on time.

So thanks to the Stupid Couple for not checking their bags like NORMAL people do before leaving to the airport, we were all inconvenienced.

If only there was world where we didn't have to deal with Stupid Groups when travelling.  I wonder which Stupid Group I will encounter on my next flight in May.


Unknown said...

lol people are stupid. smh

Anonymous said...

I posted a link to your blog on Twitter with:

More stupid people on a plane http://bit.ly/aQ0hcA


Nicole said...

i totally agree with the overhead compartment issue. some of the junk people were literally STUFFING in there was beyond absurd.

ps. found you through uprinting's site.