Apr 2, 2010

It's a paint party!

No, this post is not about actual painting.  But I had some fun using Paint on my computer to give you a visual of my morning! So, this morning my company was switching some new servers/networks over to another location blah blah IT talk blah blah.... So, of course, some of us are having issues and stuff isn't where it was before and all that fun stuff.

On this Good Friday, I called upon Jesus to help me with my computer problems.  Literally.  My co-worker's name is Jesus and he is the IT guy and also a good friend of mine AND ALSO my neighbor!  I know, craziness, but that's how I roll.  So, Jesus literally spent about 30 minutes at my desk trying to fix my laptop.  While he was doing that, I started sketching on a paper a picture of him and me (also kept singing "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" and "Money money mooney, moooooney").  Then the idea came to my head to make it my blog inspiration.  So I unveil a MASTERPIECE from yours truly, done in Paint.

I know.  I could be the next Picasso.  I have amazed myself at my paint skills.  It does NOT look like a 7 year old drew this.  Not at all.  Please, praise my work, PRAISE IT!

By the time he was done, I was sure that I annoyed him to his breaking point.  POINT for me! 

Happy Good Follow Friday my bloggy friends.  

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Family-Friendly Product Reviews said...

Happy belated FF! Loved looking around your blog and I'm your newest follower! If you get a chance, please stop by and follow me too! Have a great day!