Apr 13, 2010

I want to stuff your nose and mouth with a sock!

Guess what I had to encounter on the train ride this morning to work.  A big guy taking up a seat and half snoring  so loud that the aliens on the moon probably heard him.

I get on the train and there are no seats available.  I spot one lonely seat next to a big guy and guess that people don't want to sit next to him because you would only have half a seat.  But hell, I wanted to read my book and it's really difficult to try to read book while standing up holding the bars with one hand as to not fall over on the persons lap next to you and holding the hardcover book in the other hand.  Seriously, it's difficult and not fun especially when you have to turn the page.

So, I take my seat.  The guy not so nicely moves his stupid briefcase out of the seat when I say "excuse me."  On that note, I really hate it when people get all pissy at you when you make them move their purse/briefcase off the empty seat next to them.  Seats are for PEOPLE, not HANDBAGS/BRIEFCASES/CELL PHONE. Give it up jerks!

Moving on, I sit down and get right to reading my book (the part I was at was soooo juicy good that I just couldn't fathom having to wait 10 minutes to continue to read my book, hence why I really wanted to make sure I grabbed a seat!).  About 30 seconds after we pull off the station, the snoring starts.  At first, it starts off as a slow murmur snoring then ultimately goes into a big blown out snoring as if he wanted to compete with thunder. This went on for 21 minutes.  The exact time it takes to get from my station to Hoboken.  My iPod wasn't loud enough.  I  had it on FULL volume.  I couldn't even concentrate on my reading because of this snoring jerk who also was sweating.  It was not warm people.  The air conditioner was on.  Ewww gross.

Hopefully when I go home I'll sit next to a decent person who is not sweating and snoring.  Wish me luck!


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Oh my word. Doesn't sound fun at all...

Drew's Mom said...

Wow, your train is sure full of some characters... sorry for you, but it makes for funny reading on the blog =)