Apr 26, 2010

California is real awesome right now

So, I'm in Anaheim, CA on a business trip.
There is literally nothing to do around here because this place is the home of freaking DISNEYLAND so there's a bunch of bratty kids running around the hotel having tantrums while walking down the hotel hallway.

I'm not fond of being surrounded by families and all these kids walking around with their mickey ears.  Why?  Because that is the ONLY thing you see.  BUT, I have heard that the weather back home is really crappy and rainy so this makes me happy because I'm in mid 70 degree sunny weather.  When I look outside my hotel room window, I see a palm tree and that made me fall in love with Cali.  I'm here till Wednesday so I still have time to enjoy this great weather.

Work is busy and eats up most of my time here. Blah.  But, last night, me and two of my colleagues went out to dinner to unwind after a long day at the convention center.  Most interesting thing I learned at dinner and also the most hilarious was:

If you are getting mugged, you want to get mugged by a heroin addict over a crackhead.  A heroin will probably have a gun, but they won't kill you because all they want is your money to go buy more heroin.  A crackhead on the other hand will have a gun and they are all flinchy and their brain is so fried that they'll lose it in one second and kill you.

So, there is your lesson for the week.

Happy Tuesday from sunny Cali!

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