Apr 13, 2010

Baby making time?

I have a question for all of you who have a baby/plan to have a baby.  How long did you decide was the right time for you to go into baby making mode?  Do/Did people drive you completely insane by asking you the "When are you having a baby?" questions EVERY time they saw you.  It's driving me NUTS.  And even with my short attitude, people still don't get it.  So, I wonder, am I the only one?????


Unknown said...

I'm surprised more people don't ask us, only a couple of close friends have!

My favorite response though, to use when asked: "Talk to the banker" {ie. my hubs}. It gets laughs and seems to stop future queries! :)

Erin W said...

My hubs and I waited 5 years before having our first. When people would ask I would kindly remind them that " You will be the first to know when we are pregnant, until then we have no news to share". They quit asking when I gave that answer to them a few times. Take your time, once the babe joins the family (it's fabulous) but it's not just you two anymore. Enjoy it while it lasts. It's totally worth the wait and I think that you get to enjoy it even more when you plan for it.

Katrina said...

Our first pregnancy was kind of a surprise. Once we got used to the idea, and started to get excited, we lost the baby. After that, we really wanted a baby, so we tried, and got pregnant right away. From my experience, and what I hear from everyone else, you never feel completely ready... So if you wait until everything is perfect, you will never have a baby! =)
I honestly didn't get that question a lot... but I think it would have started bugging me after a while too. hehe.
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