Mar 31, 2010

Woooo weeee

Ok, so yesterday i was in such a crappy mood.  If you don't remember, read my ridiculously complaining post.  You would think that after a day like that, I would have a better one today?  Wrong.  Today, I am dealing with the most annoying migraine ever!  What's worse is that I woke up with the migraine.  When you wake up with a migraine, those tend to be the worse ones.  I took the morning to try to get some meds in me to take the "edge" off and was able to come to work for a half day.  This does not mean that the migraine is away.  It's still rearing it's ugly head.  But, I can only deal with it and move on.

On another GOOD note, the crappy rainy weather is GONE here in NJ. Thank goodness.  This is what is coming our way:

THIS makes me happy.  As you can tell by the drawing.  I know, it's a wonderful drawing.  I'm such an artist. 

Thank you Spring for coming this weekend so we can actually enjoy it OUTDOORS. 

Happy Hump Day 

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