Mar 12, 2010

Stupid Rain ruins everything!

 So, here in NJ, we had a great week with weather.  It was actually in the upper 50s!  But of course it was great weather during the work week, so  I was at work all day and couldn't enjoy the outside weather.  But, here comes the weekend and you would have thought after having such a great week, the weekend would be the same!  WRONG!  See below to see who is visiting us this weekend.  These guests (rain downpours!) are NOT welcomed!

Now, this has started today and is not suppose to stop until Monday!!!!  Sucks major butt!

The good thing I have to look forward to is that my best friend is coming home from Chicago with her fiance!!!!  I haven't physically seen her since she got engaged this past Feb so I'm super excited!  The wedding is this June so we have LOTS AND LOTS to do.  First thing is of course to give her a big hug and check out the rock on her left hand!  Then, we are going to dive into wedding details galore and Sunday we are heading to go dress shopping for her dress and our dresses. 

This stupid rain isn't going to stop us girls from planning a wedding!  Take that RAIN!  In your face!

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