Mar 22, 2010

Are you serious?

Here in NJ, we had a wonderful weekend!  Seriously, it was OVER 60 degrees.  But of course, it all gets crapped on by stupid rain which means some towns in NJ will have to deal all over again with flooding.  Really sucks.

But I was away from the computer all weekend and it literally took me about 40 minutes to catch up on my reader!  I have reached 103 followers!  This is just like WOW.  I feel so freaking awesome!  So I was thinking that maybe I'll do a giveaway to celebrate!!!!!!  I'll figure out the whole giveaway stuff this week.  I had a great weekend.

I picked up my copy of New Moon on Saturday!!!!!  If you haven't read about my Twilight obsession love, you should.  FYI, the drooling was contained.  :)

So, thanks for all of you for following me and giving a crap of what I have to say.  Details on the giveaway to come soon....... YIPPEE

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