Feb 25, 2010

Snow Hurricane

Over here on the east coast we are getting hit by a huge snow storm that later on tonight is suppose to be accompanied by hurricane force winds.  Freaking wonderful. 

Of course today was the day that my sister and niece were arriving from Puerto Rico!  I was so afraid that their flight was going to be delayed or worse, be canceled. But guess what? It wasn't either delayed or canceled.  The flight arrived EARLY... in this really really bad snow storm.  So all I have to say is thank you Continental for stepping up to the plate!

So, I have been hanging out with my sister and niece all day!  I missed them so much and it's so great to play "princess and castle" with my niece!  I'm off of work tomorrow too so I'm going to make the trek over there in this crappy snow to spend time with them tomorrow.  Luckily, they are staying with my parents who live a block away from me, so if my car can't drive in this snowstorm (we are suppose to get about 14 inches by tomorrow night) I can just walk over there!!!!!! 

Hopefully you all are not dealing with the snow storm I am.  Happy Thursday!