Feb 17, 2010

Is that a Coach bag? Oh yes it is.

So today I got home to a very nice surprise!  I walked into the bedroom to see a HUGE Coach bag sitting on the dresser. At first, I thought that maybe the hubs had to bring something home from work and that was the only bag that was available.  Wrong!  Boy was I wrong.  A good wrong!  I went and took this lovely bag out and pretty much stayed in a moment of shock for about 10 minutes.  I immediately took out my old bag and started finding a home for all my stuff!  It was a complete surprise that my hubs got it for me for no specific reason.  I <3 him so much.  He always makes me smile.

Edit:  I forgot to also add that he also gave me a box of chocolate covered strawberries too!  My favorite.


Anonymous said...

It's a very nice bag. Enjoy it. I collect Coach bags, lol. My husband used to surprise me alot with them. Now, I have too many bags. (could that be possible?)
Love ya,

Anonymous said...
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Jules said...

Aw...that is so sweet! I love the new bag. I've been meaning to get over here and say hello. Last week was insane for me. I cannot believe that you were at Mohegan Sun too. That would have been so fun to meet-up! Maybe next time ;)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Goooood hubby!