Feb 21, 2010

#386, Hellooooooooo #386

Today I had a date with sis-in-crime.  We were on the hunt to get something which we ended up not getting at all, but we did get a chance to grab some Starbucks!  Yumm!!!!  Then we stopped at the Vitamin Shoppe and got some steroids.  No, I'm kidding about the steroids, but the kid who looked like he belongs on Jersey Shore looked like he could have possibly sold us some steroids if we met him out back.  Just saying... Anyways, I invited sis-in-crime to stay for some dinner.  I made a BANGING London Broil, veggies, and some pasta with alfredo sauce.  Yummo!  So, when I run down the menu for dinner, Sis-in-Crime proceeds to remind that she gave up red meat and pork for Lent.   First of all, how on earth can she give up red meat for Lent!!!  We are latinas and meat is in our blood, seriously!  Anyways, so I continue to tell her that I feel bad for her that she can't have some of my yummy super delicious london broil and that it's a shame she gave that up!  Note: Not against the whole Lent thing.  Just sucks that I can't enjoy my piece of london broil with Sis-In-Crime because we both love yummy goodness.  So, we decide to stop at Pollo Tropical so she can pick up some chicken to go with her dinner. 

We walk in and our chatting it up while waiting in line.  Now, the system goes like this:
  • You place your order
  • Stand aside and wait for your number to be called when your order is done
  • Pick up the food at the counter and be on your merry way
So, we are standing in line waiting to place the order and this is what we hear:

Pollo Tropical employee (in a spanish accent): "Number 386.  Number 386. [[waits a few moments]]  Number 386 [[this last phrase in a "i'm getting frustrated that you can't hear me calling your number voice]]..... HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, number 386!"

We both bust out laughing because I can't believe this employee just pulled a phrase that a child would have pulled to get some attention.  Now, for the person who had #386, clearly they should have stayed by the counter to pick up their food.  Maybe they weren't feeling good and had to go poop.  Maybe they went to sit down and found a table far away so they didn't come back in time to hear the employee calling their number. OR maybe they were hard of hearing or wanted to cause this woman to repeat it over and over again because it's funny.  Whichever reason the person wasn't there was ok because Sis-in-Crime and I had a good laugh over it. 


Ha... it still cracks me up!

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