Feb 25, 2010

Snow Hurricane

Over here on the east coast we are getting hit by a huge snow storm that later on tonight is suppose to be accompanied by hurricane force winds.  Freaking wonderful. 

Of course today was the day that my sister and niece were arriving from Puerto Rico!  I was so afraid that their flight was going to be delayed or worse, be canceled. But guess what? It wasn't either delayed or canceled.  The flight arrived EARLY... in this really really bad snow storm.  So all I have to say is thank you Continental for stepping up to the plate!

So, I have been hanging out with my sister and niece all day!  I missed them so much and it's so great to play "princess and castle" with my niece!  I'm off of work tomorrow too so I'm going to make the trek over there in this crappy snow to spend time with them tomorrow.  Luckily, they are staying with my parents who live a block away from me, so if my car can't drive in this snowstorm (we are suppose to get about 14 inches by tomorrow night) I can just walk over there!!!!!! 

Hopefully you all are not dealing with the snow storm I am.  Happy Thursday!

Feb 23, 2010

I put that shit on everything

My hubby actually likes to put this stuff on everything. 
Dinner conversation today

Me: "What are you taking that out for?"

Hubs: "For the chicken wings"

Me: "They already have spicy [Habanera at that] sauce on them"

Hubs: "OK, I'll put them on the chicken nuggets then." [Yes, we had chicken wings and chicken nuggets. It's called cleaning out the freezer]

Me: "I took out the sweet and sour sauce for your chicken nuggets."

Hubs: "OK, I'll put it on the rice then. [Me giving him a confused face] I put that shit on everything!" [the last statement was said the exact way the commercial says it]

Me: [Rolls eyes and keeps serving dinner]

So, do you put that shit on everything?  And the "shit" meaning the Frank Red Hot Sauce.

The hubby was pressured by Girl Scouts!

Ok, so I'm in the kitchen finishing up dinner and in comes the hubby from working a late day.  He has this HUGE Macy's bag with him and places it down in the kitchen area.  While he is settling in I walk over to look in the bag and that's when I see this:


Yep, he came home with not one, not two, not three..... but ELEVEN boxes!  Yeah, you read right, 11.  The picture above is just a sneak peek at some of the goodies. 

This is what happens when the hubby doesn't have me by his side when he is more than happy pressured to buy girl scout cookies.  He has NO control.  Or we can say that the Mom of the Girl Scout girl that works at his job was very convincing.  No, forget that last sentence.  They didn't need to be convincing since the hubby LOVES the cookies. 

Looks like we have dessert for the next 6 months!

So, what's your favorite girl scout cookie?

The hubby's favorite Samoas and Shortbread.
Mine is the Shortbread and Thin Mints.

Feb 22, 2010

Time to plan a wedding

Not mine.  I'm already married!  The big news I wanted to share is that my best friend aka sister Tiff is getting MARRIED!!!!!  <3 <3

That's right ladies and gentlemen, my best friend is taken!  Her wonderful fiance proposed to her on Valentine's Day and we (as in me and her) are SOOOO excited! 

I've known my best friend, Tiffany, since the age of 7.  We are now in our late 20s and it has been a crazy super fun time the years we have known each other.  They plan on getting married this upcoming summer so there is lots to do! 

I'm dreading lucky enough to be one of the most beautiful bridesmaids.  Which means that I get to look at wedding stuff all over again and scream with glee when I see something pretty which is wedding related!!!!!  I'm sure the hubs will soon get sick of "wedding talk" that we will HAVE to have since she lives in Chicago and the wedding will be in NJ where I am.  So, I've already created a folder labeled "Tiffany Wedding" to put in ideas for everything. Yes, I'm that excited. Don't judge. You'd do the same.

She was an awesome bridesmaid in my wedding and it seems so surreal that she is getting married.  We've known each other since we were little girls and always talked about the day we both would be getting married.  In a couple of months that day will be here and then I can say that we are both officially "old married ladies." 

A picture of the greatest bride, me,  who was always nice to her bridesmaid and never complained with the bridesmaid who is now the bride-to-be, Tiff!

Feb 21, 2010

#386, Hellooooooooo #386

Today I had a date with sis-in-crime.  We were on the hunt to get something which we ended up not getting at all, but we did get a chance to grab some Starbucks!  Yumm!!!!  Then we stopped at the Vitamin Shoppe and got some steroids.  No, I'm kidding about the steroids, but the kid who looked like he belongs on Jersey Shore looked like he could have possibly sold us some steroids if we met him out back.  Just saying... Anyways, I invited sis-in-crime to stay for some dinner.  I made a BANGING London Broil, veggies, and some pasta with alfredo sauce.  Yummo!  So, when I run down the menu for dinner, Sis-in-Crime proceeds to remind that she gave up red meat and pork for Lent.   First of all, how on earth can she give up red meat for Lent!!!  We are latinas and meat is in our blood, seriously!  Anyways, so I continue to tell her that I feel bad for her that she can't have some of my yummy super delicious london broil and that it's a shame she gave that up!  Note: Not against the whole Lent thing.  Just sucks that I can't enjoy my piece of london broil with Sis-In-Crime because we both love yummy goodness.  So, we decide to stop at Pollo Tropical so she can pick up some chicken to go with her dinner. 

We walk in and our chatting it up while waiting in line.  Now, the system goes like this:
  • You place your order
  • Stand aside and wait for your number to be called when your order is done
  • Pick up the food at the counter and be on your merry way
So, we are standing in line waiting to place the order and this is what we hear:

Pollo Tropical employee (in a spanish accent): "Number 386.  Number 386. [[waits a few moments]]  Number 386 [[this last phrase in a "i'm getting frustrated that you can't hear me calling your number voice]]..... HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, number 386!"

We both bust out laughing because I can't believe this employee just pulled a phrase that a child would have pulled to get some attention.  Now, for the person who had #386, clearly they should have stayed by the counter to pick up their food.  Maybe they weren't feeling good and had to go poop.  Maybe they went to sit down and found a table far away so they didn't come back in time to hear the employee calling their number. OR maybe they were hard of hearing or wanted to cause this woman to repeat it over and over again because it's funny.  Whichever reason the person wasn't there was ok because Sis-in-Crime and I had a good laugh over it. 


Ha... it still cracks me up!

Feb 17, 2010

Is that a Coach bag? Oh yes it is.

So today I got home to a very nice surprise!  I walked into the bedroom to see a HUGE Coach bag sitting on the dresser. At first, I thought that maybe the hubs had to bring something home from work and that was the only bag that was available.  Wrong!  Boy was I wrong.  A good wrong!  I went and took this lovely bag out and pretty much stayed in a moment of shock for about 10 minutes.  I immediately took out my old bag and started finding a home for all my stuff!  It was a complete surprise that my hubs got it for me for no specific reason.  I <3 him so much.  He always makes me smile.

Edit:  I forgot to also add that he also gave me a box of chocolate covered strawberries too!  My favorite.

Feb 16, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

The Mr. and I were away this whole weekend.  Spent it with family, going to the casino, and just RELAXING.... which was great!

I went the whole weekend without reading any blogs, so needless to say I had A LOT to catch up on!

Also, this past Valentine's Day was my sister's birthday!  I have already told her happy birthday but wanted to take this opportunity to say it again!  Happy Birthday sis!

I have some news to share with you all later... and NO it's not baby news.  You won't be hearing that for at least another two years.   :)

Stay tuned!

Feb 9, 2010

It's a geyser in my kitchen!

Saturday morning I woke up early to start prepping for a Girl's Night I was hosting at my apartment.  I cleaned a bunch dishes, swept and mopped the floors and finally when I thought I was done, I remembered that I needed one more dish for the pasta.  I go to take it out and give it a quick rinse.  And that's when a geyser exploded in my kitchen! 


It seriously looked like that.  No joking.  Water was being sprayed everywhere! I finally put my mind into action and shut the switch off and after about 30 seconds, water stopped flowing from the faucet.   At this point, everything around the sink is soaked, including me!  This is how my sink looked after the explosion. 

Wondering where the faucet went?  No worries, I found it laying on the counter on the right side.  It shot out from the pressure and landed there.
(don't mind the way I look.  I was still in my pj's with my glasses on and my hair looking all crazy because I just woke up and went into cleaning mode)
While this was all happening, the  hubs was sleeping.  I even shouted when it happened and he didn't even hear me.  So, I put the faucet that's in my hand down on the side, cleaned up the water mess, changed my shirt and I sneaked back into bed.  Hubs wakes up as i'm making my way into the bed cuddling underneath the covers and is asking me why I'm waking him up.  ( In my defense, I wasn't waking him up, he just happened to hear the noise in the bedroom as I was trying to get back under the covers).  I told him we had a mini crisis in the kitchen and that when he got up, he was going to have call the landlord because we had no faucet.  He laughs.  Because he knows this kind of stuff only happens to me. 

Yes, I did leave the faucet on the kitchen counter and decided to go back into bed because clearly my cleaning spree was put at a halt.  And what better way to de-stress from the flying faucet incident then crawling back into bed with the hubs and sleeping it off.  :)

Free eBook, Love Everyday

I'm a blogger on SheJustGotMarried.com (if you haven't checked it out, you SHOULD because it's awesome).  Today, they announced that you can download for free the eBook titled Love Everyday. Denee King, owner of shejustgotmarried.com and the most awesome person ever, is one of the contributing authors too! I've already downloaded my copy so stop by and take a look.  I've taken a quick glance over the book and some stuff has already caught my interest. 

A little snipppet that really rounds up the question we might have all asked ourselves:

"Love doesn't always look like walks on the beach and gazing lovingly into each others eyes. Those moments happen, but what happens the other 99.9 percent of the time? How do we do that - Love... Every day? In the wake-up-eat-breakfast-kiss-your-spouse-run-out-the-door world?"


Happy Tuesday

Feb 8, 2010

Oh Monday morning

Today, I woke up and soon realized there was no way I was going to make the train that would get me to work on time.  Keep that in mind, I was already running late. 

I go outside to the car and hop in because it's 22 degrees in NJ.  I'm sitting in the car warming it up a bit, then I reverse and pull out of the parking spot.  As soon I as I pull out I hear a noise.  Crap, I'm dragging something that's underneath my car.  I pull over immediately to take out whatever is being dragged underneath the car.  This is what I see:

That is a garbage can lid.  Now, when I reversed the car, I didn't hear anything being run over so I'm assuming this was underneath the car from the wind and that it must have got caught when I pulled forward.    Now, I bend down and try to reach for it to pull it out.  It's wedged pretty darn good.  I get down on both knees and start to jiggle it around and pull really hard to get it out.  NOTHING.  I'm thinking to myself, crap.  I'm going to miss my train because I can't get this darn thing out.  I look and see that's wedged between my muffler and tire. It's folded and ripped so I just can't pull it out because it's caught on something underneath the car that I can't see.  I live a block away from my parents and my hubs already left to work, so I decided to call my dad who I know is home.  Phone is ringing and he doesn't pick up.  Great.  I try again myself to take the lid out and nothing.  Call my dad again and he picks up!  I tell him to drive around because something is stuck underneath the car and I can't get it out!  He came to the rescue and it took him about 5 minutes to get it out.  It just wouldn't budge.  He drove the car forward thinking it would loosen up, WRONG.  Finally he was able to yank it out.  I gave him big hug and kiss and said thank you!  But by this time, I missed my train and the next train was leaving 35 minutes later.  Mind you my commute to work door-to-door is 1 hour and half.  I arrived at work at 10 am.  Not the greatest way to start off a Monday morning, but it could have been worse!

Happy Monday

Oh my head!

Saturday night I was prepping all day getting ready for a girl's night I hosted.  Girls came over and shenanigans were had!  We all had so much fun and the wine was flowing.... flowing A LOT.  That night, I went to bed around 2 in the morning.  I cleaned everything up and washed the dishes and then sat and waited for the hubs to come home.  He was sent off to my best friends house to play video games while my best friends wife came to girls night. Hubs was originally suppose to be out of town that weekend which is why I jumped on the opportunity to host girl's  night, but then the hubs didn't go away because of the huge snowstorm that hit the east coast.  He graciously went to my best friends house and I texted him when the coast was clear of giddy woman who had lots of wine.  When he came home we went to sleep.  The next morning I woke up around 8 and boy oh boy did I have a MAJOR headache!  It didn't go away all day, even with ice packs on the head,  three motrin and drinking lots of water.  It was horrible!  Of course the next day being super bowl sunday, I decided to take a nap before we left to my best friend's house to watch the game.  This is how the conversation went:

Me: I'm going to take a nap, wake me up at 4:30

Hubs: Ok

[[about 40 minutes pass and all of a sudden I hear my cell phone ringing which wakes me up]]

Me: {looks at the cell phone half asleep}

Hubs: Babe, wake up

[[Yes, he called my cell phone to wake me up because he was playing video games in the living room that is no more than 30 feet away in our apartment.  Yes, he really did]]

Me: You're so lazy! You're calling me to wake me up from the living room. {I hear shooting and siren noises in background, he's playing Grand Theft Auto on the PS3}

Hubs: You told me to wake you up, so this is me waking you up.

Me: unbelievable

[[phone call ends]]

My facebook status for today...

woke up running late, go to car, pull out and hear that I'm dragging something, get out and see I have a garbage can lid wedge between my muffler and tire, spent 5 min trying to get it out and couldn't, called my dad to help, he got it out after 5 mins. So missed my train and now have to wait 30 mins till the next one. What a way to start my Monday morning!

Feb 5, 2010

My loves are coming home

I have an older sister.  She's awesome.  Not just because she's my sister, but because she is as crazy, corny and funny as me.  We are 6 1/2 years apart so growing up we use to always fight.  I was the little one who always wanted to tag along and she would just kick me off to the curb.  I know, she's horrible right? 

Sidenote: She once punched in my stomach when I was 6 and she also pushed me down the BASEMENT stairs while I was in my walker.  I just wanted you to all know that. 

Moving on, As we grew older and mature, we became inseparable.  Don't get me wrong, we fight ALL the time, some are ugly and some are not.  But she's my sister, we are suppose to fight.  Well, she is married and always said she never wanted to have kids.  I was convinced that she would never make a titi (aunt in spanish).  My husband is an only child so I have to rely on my best friends popping out nieces and nephews for me.  Then one day, she tells me she is pregnant.  I think I was more excited than her and my bro-in-law.  Seriously.  Fast forward to today, she has blessed me with a beautiful niece Kayla Xaimara who is 3 and and handsome nephew Savian Leon who is 1.  Sadly, about two years ago her and the family moved to Puerto Rico. It was heartbreaking to know that she was going to be so far away and I wasn't going to be able to see her.  While living in Puerto Rico is when we found she was pregnant with Savian.  She gave birth to him in August and I wasn't there, but I was in spirit.  I met my nephew for the first time a week  before my wedding.  Then they left again and once again I was heartbroken.  Fortunately, we had Skype and we would talk on gmail chat, webcam through Skype and Gmail Video but it's just not the same.  BUT, I'm happy to report that they are moving back for GOOD to NJ!!!!!!  I'm so excited because I can cuddle up my niece and nephew and hang out with my sis in bro-in-law anytime I want!  My sister and the kids are coming February 25 and soon after my bro-in-law will follow.  My sister will come first to find a place and get settled and then my bro-in-law will come once he transfers to a job here!  I'm super excited so I leave you with some pics of us and sidenotes.  <3

These pics are from their last visit this past summer.  Enjoy!

OK, so this is me attempting to maneuver the double stroller.  Not easy for my arms which can only carry a candle and no more than 5 pounds.  I have no upper arm strength which seems you need for double strollers

Meet Kayla.  I love this picture because it reminds me of my sister.  Who knew attitude runs through genes.  I didn't.  But it does.

Meet Savian, after eating some of Mima's (grandmother in spanish) food, he was out for the count.  Clearly he can take a nap anywhere, including in his booster seat at the table.

Awesome picture I took of Kayla while she was sitting on the edge of the pool.

Meet the Duo!  My sister Karina and me being silly.  Note: I can't believe how blonde my hair was!

Told you we were silly

Hey, we have beer which means we can be EXTRA corny!

I LOVE this picture for two reasons.  #1 - My sister and I look fab!  #2 - My hubby's face in the background is priceless and cracks me up every time.

Savian having fun in his walker.  But it looks like he is checking out a cute baby girl that is walking by.  The flirting starts at a young age for boys. Boys will be boys.

Yeah, my niece will kick your ass in Wii Mario Summer Olympics. 

Isn't she so darn cute!

Happy Friday my bloggy friends and the countdown begins until Feb. 25th.  The day I get to give my sister, niece and nephew a big hug at the airport!

Feb 4, 2010


I just found out that that the Twilight Sage: Eclipse movie will be released to IMAX(R) theaters simultaneously with the film's launch on June 30, 2010.

All I have to say is that I'm so grateful that I will get to see Edward AND Jacob super hotness on the BIG screen.

:::drooling with excitement:::

June 30th can't come soon enough.

Feb 2, 2010

For dessert, I'll have me some Matt Bomer

When I got married, I was introduced to A LOT of TV shows that the hubby watches.  I was content on watching the re-run of Friends over and over again.  So, we have our staple TV shows that we DVR and watch religiously (Nip/Tuck, 24, The Biggest Loser, Smallville, Heroes [even though it's been sucky the past two seasons, WWE Raw [I watch for the hot sweaty men with no shirts on, like John Cena], Burn Notice, Psych) to name a few.  Another show we started watching is White CollarHave  you seen it?  If not, you should!  The show is really good, but want to know what's even better? 

Introducing one of the main characters of the show, Mr. Matt Bomer who plays Neil.




Yeah, I know what you're thinking.... He's HOT!  Hubby is always asking me what I think about him, and I always shrugged and said "He's cute... pretty handsome."   I didn't want to give in that every time we watch this show, I'm secretly drooling and am undressing Matt Bomer with my eyes.  Well, I guess now he will know.  I'm soooo going to hear the hubby making me fun of me now, but oh well.  I'll just keep myself distracted when the hubs is making fun of me by undressing Matt with my eyes. 

For dessert, I'll have me some Matt Bomer.

Feb 1, 2010

Something Borrowed

I am a HUGE fan of the author Emily Giffin and her books.  I read the first book that she published Something Borrowed and was hooked with the rest of them ever since!


If you have not read any of her titles, I highly recommend it!  I thought all of the books were great!  To start, first read Something Borrowed then Something Blue as they go in that order.  Baby Proof would  be next then Love the One You're With. 

Even better news, Emily Giffin sold the film rights and Something Borrowed is being filmed.  Emily just announced that Ginnifer Goodwin will be playing one of the leading characters!  

I can't wait till this movie comes out.  Has anyone else read any of her books?  Thoughts?

PS. She also has new book being released May 2010 called Heart of the Matter. I'm going to place my pre-order now!