Jan 25, 2010

Sitting at my desk soaking wet

Today, it is raining.  And we have wind gusts of 30-50 mph.  Which means that using an umbrella today is nearly impossible as you wrestle with the darn thing to fight off the wind that is desperately  trying to flip your umbrella inside out so when it flips back in all of the water sprays in your face and body. 

Yep, one of those days.  My jean skirt is soaking wet, my leggings are wet, my rain boots were pretty much all yucky from NYC sidewalk crud, my hair which I straighten out has taken on a life of its own. 

I STRONGLY dislike rainy NYC days.


Cheap Wife said...

I feel your pain..I live in Seattle so it rains all the time. BUT NYC rain is worse...you guys were the crazy downpours and it makes the sidewalks and everything smell like yuck wet concrete

The Undomestic Mom said...

Ew no fun! I love your blog-Im a new follower!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

No fun, I hate it when my clothes get soaked!!

Lindsey said...

Ugh I hate rainy days where I am cold and wet all day.