Jan 19, 2010

No worries, I'm still here

And I know  you missed me because I'm awesome.  Well, enough about me.  The hubby and I went away for the holiday weekend.  We didn't go away to have some "us" time, but to celebrate a wonderful blessing with friends!  My best friend (aka known as the guy who's the brother I never had) and his wife bought a house in PA. Super exciting.  They literally closed on Friday, and we drove up there Friday night!  Yeah, we are party crashers like that.  My other best friend also met us there and we popped a bottle of champagne and celebrated a wonderful blessing for their family!  My other best friend lives about an hour from their house so she didn't crash there, but we are about an hour and half so we decided to sleep there.  Now, PA if very different from NJ, where they are located.  It was so nice to see beautiful trees and deer just walking along his driveway.  Oh yeah, did I mention that my best friend and the hubby saw turkeys chilling in his front lawn when they went to run an errand?  Yeah, not just one turkey, but a couple.  So we had an awesome weekend of relaxing and enjoying some great quality time with my best friend and of course my two beautiful nieces!  So, our weekend consisting of crashing my best friend's new house (thanks guys!!!!) and having an awesome time at the House of Candle where we bought some beautiful candles for our moms and we also got to see the candle maker make two candles froms scratch.  It was truly an art!
Today, I didn't go to work because I woke up with a migraine beyond belief!  I woke up, took two Excedrin, grabbed the ice pack and went back to bed with the ice pack on my head.  Yeah, it helped just a little, but now I'm feeling much better.....11 hours later.  But, at least it gave me a chance to catch up on my blog reading from this past weekend.  I hope you all had a great weekend like we did.

PS.  For my best friend who is most likely reading this..... thanks for letting us crash your place for the whole weekend and dealing with us.  No worries though, we'll do it again this weekend, same time same place...............................kidding... or am I?????

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

This is your best friends wife.. LOL u were not crashing, when u cooked for us..

Anonymous said...

Turkey looks real good this year. I think hubby is buying a pickup for real now so he can carry his shotgun in the back window to come and hunt on our land. We are in trouble now.By the way you all could never crash because I know I can drop on your house too and stay the whole weekend.