Jan 4, 2010

A Monday morning in NYC

Let me tell you a bit about my Monday morning and the things I encounter on my hour and half commute from NJ to NY.....

On the NJ Transit train this morning, a lady came on the train with 5 bags! I counted.  She had what seems to be  handbag, lunchbag, laptop bag, food shopping bag and a small bag (could be for make-up).  There were no seats so she stood next to me with all her bags which some swayed with the movement of the train and banged into me for the 7 minute ride to the next stop.  Don't worry about me, I'm sure the bruises will go away soon.

Next, while sitting on the PATH train, a guy looks across towards my direction and I see his lips moving, then I see his confused face staring at me.  That is when I realize he is asking me a question.  So I proceed to take out my WHITE iPod headphones out of my hears that you can CLEARLY see on top of my black coat and asked him "What?".  He apologizes because that is when he realized that I had headphones on and couldn't hear a single thing.  Thanks for interrupting my music buddy.  You must be blind that you can't see the white headphones sticking out of my ears.  You might need to go to the eye doctor.

Then, still sitting on the PATH train as I wait to get to my stop, a man sits next to the lady who is across from me.  Before he sits down he takes out a notebook from his book bag along with a pen.  He then sits down and flips through the notebook.  From a glance it seems like it is written in the form of a journal or story.  I then see the lady next to him looking over his shoulder and reading.  She did this for the whole 6 minute ride to my stop.  Now, that's real rude lady.  What if it was his journal and he was documenting his secrets and here you are being all nosy and reading them.  Mind your business.  Now, what would you have done Nosy Lady if he wrote about bad things like "going to rob a bank".  Would you DO something about it?  Ignore it?  You never know, it can happen and that would be on your conscious because you simply were nosy and didn't respect people's privacy. 

I'm telling you, my commute to NYC is so interesting sometimes. Happy Monday to you all!