Jan 27, 2010

I'd like a library card please

Yesterday after work I went to my town's local library.  I wanted to get a library card so I can start reading while I commute on the train for work.  I've been buying books, but quite frankly am running out of room to store them in our apartment.  Also, taking books from the library is free so why not. 

The last time I was in my town's library was probably at the age of 11.  I'm 26.  Yeah, that long.   When I walked in it looked completely different.   I walk up to the front desk to sign up for a library card.  Picture this:
  • Young girl hanging out at the front desk chit chatting with the receptionist
  • The receptionist has big bowl of soup which she is eating in front of the computer
  • A little kid, who is her son because he was calling her mom, is sitting behind her playing video games on his DS
  • Me and another person waiting to receive some attention from this receptionist, but instead the receptionist listening to the gossip the young girl is telling her.
Mind you, they are being really loud.  I was under the impression that the library is suppose to be quiet place.  Well, not at the front desk. Finally I was able to get my card and look in the new releases section.  I came out with the book "Smooth Talking Stranger" by Lisa Kleypas.  I just started it today so I'll let you know what I think about it.

It feels good going back to the library.  It's like another world!  I am really intrigued how long it will take me to find a book there next time because everything has changed from the way I use to find books in 2nd grade.  Should be interesting. 

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Linda said...

Sounds like our local library. Definately not as quiet as it was when I was a kid.