Jan 14, 2010

Going to flip a sh*t!

Been out of work for the past 3 days because my head was in a toilet sick as a dog. 

So, of course when I come back it's super busy.  BUT I also have to deal with stupidtiy and craziness and might just flip a sh*t at work today.

So my blog friends, I announce today as "Flip a Sh*t Day".  Enjoy my blogging friends.. you all know you have something to flip about.  I give you permission because I'm awesome and can give you permission and it will be ok.

Happy Flipping


Juliana said...

I hope you feel better. That is a great theme for a blog...now you just need a mr linky for all the flip outs. It is a really good idea actually!

Anyhow, I am new to your blog and off to read more. Come on my and fololw back if you would like. I am doing my 2nd giveaway an InStyler...pretty cool huh?

G said...

this doesn't sound like giggles to me.