Dec 3, 2009

It only happens to me

So, on Monday we went food shopping.  First stop, Costco.  Now, I am always getting hurt. Everyone can back me up on that. Anyways, Mr. NWG parks the car and as I am getting out of the car I bang my knee against the door while getting out of the car.  There is that first moment of shock and pain.  Mr. NWG is looking at me trying to figure out what the heck happened to me as I walked around the car to go into Costco.  I tell him that I just banged my knee really hard and say "that's going to leave a bruise for sure."  Fast forward into the night, we shop at Costco then head to Stop and Shop and finish up.  We decided to stop at our favortie pizza place to pick up some dinner (because it's already 9:00 pm and there's no way in heck I am going to start cooking at that time).  While we are sitting down waiting for our food to be done, I start to realize how bad my knee REALLY hurts.  Then I'm looking at my knee and see that there seems to be a dark spot where I hit myself.  I had tights on with boots so I couldn't assess the damage.  I look at Mr. NWG and tell him " I think I'm bleeding!".  He just looks at me and laughs, because he knows it would ONLY happen to me.  When we get home, I go into the bathroom and long and behold, my knee WAS bleeding for the last 2 hours of food shopping and all SCRAPED up.  Thank goodness for band aids and Neosporin.

Again, this only happens to me. 


Hillary said...

I feel for ya! I'm insanely clumsy and always getting injured in the dumbest ways! Like when I was 6 I ran straight into a 10" wide stone pillar and gashed my head open the day before school picture day. Smooth.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Nope. It would happen to me too! My legs are in a constant bruised state. I run into everything. Ah ha