Dec 29, 2009

All at once

  • a pair of leggings
  • work dress pants
  • snow boots lined with fur that go up halfway my leg
  • white socks
  • black socks
  • thermal casual sweater
  • fleece hoodie
  • winter coat
  • hat
  • hat attached to winter coat
  • scarf that is longer than me when holding vertically side by side with me
  • gloves

All the items listed above is what I was wearing ALL AT ONCE.  The reason for wearing all of this at once?  See below:

Yep, you are reading that correctly,  It's 22 degrees but FEELS like 4.  And did you take a peek at the wind?  30 mph to 47 mph wind gusts.  Which makes the 4 degrees smacking my face such a pleasant feeling.  No really, it's pleasant.  Really.

It's a freaking wonderful day in the darn city.  Did I tell you that I really LOVE my ten minute walk from the PATH train to my office?  Especially on days like this.  Who would want it any other way?