Nov 4, 2009

When am I not a newlywed?

In 12 days, I will celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary. It seems that time has flown by so fast. So, my question to you is::

When does the title of "newlyweds" not apply anymore?

I think I will still consider myself a newlywed after this one year anniversary arrives because I want to and I can. :)

So, what's your take on how long the title "newlyweds" can be used in your relationship?

Hilarious reasons as to why are VERY much welcome. Come on gals, we can sure have some fun with this question!


Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Hi there - just found your blog and love it! I am a newlywed (18 days old) and I think that I will call myself a newlywed forever, hahaha. Don't give up the title after one year! I think that after atleast 8 we'll start to settle into a routine hahaha.

Hillary said...

I'd give it a good 10 years before relinquishing the title of Newlywed!

Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

Pollyanna said...

I say when the first baby comes. Which, I guess, is sooner rather than later for some.

No one cares about the two of you at that point - it's all about the baby :)

AVONLadyinSC said...

Since I'm not a newylwed yet, I'm gonna guess it's as long as the fires are still burning several times a week as my grandma would say :)

d.a.r. said...

Once all of the fantastic newlywed love makin' stops :) Haha!