Oct 5, 2009

I smell like newspaper

Why do I smell like newspaper?

Because I was attempting to pack up my kitchen since we are moving to a new apartment. What makes me cringe is that I am going to have black ink all over my cups and plates. I HATE handling newspaper. I don't read it because it's messy. A girl can't be walking into her job with black fingertips. It's just not classy.

So, I apologize for being a "bad" blogger this past week. I am going crazy with work. To give you an idea of how my week is going, let me post my schedule:

Tuesday, October 6
work from home
pack for move
dinner with friends
pack for my work trip

Wednesday, October 7
10 AM flight out to Pittsburgh for business trip
Land around 12:30 and take 25 min cab ride to hotel
Set-up my booth at conference
Dinner with clients from 7-10

Thursday, October 8-Saturday, October 10
Work all day at the conference
Meetings during the day
Dinner meeting at night

Sunday, October 11
Early 8AM flight back home
Pack for move
Unpack business trip attire

Monday, October 12
OFF from work
Most likely working on some business trip agendas
Pack for move

Tuesday, October 13
Pack for move

Wednesday, October 14-Friday October 16
ACTUAL move happens!!!

Saturday, October 17

So, that's my crazy life right now and I don't think I will get too much blogging in. I might set-up some blog posts since I'll have some time while waiting at the airport and on the plane to write. I will try my very best to blog before we leave for our vacation which I'm super excited about!

So, there you have it. The Newlywed Giggles have been VERY busy.

The joys of living crazy scheduled lives sometimes....

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Pollyanna said...


That trip will be sooooo needed after these next two weeks.

Drink lots of water and sleep when you can :)