Oct 6, 2009

Glass of wine please

So I'm working from home today and taking mini breaks to also pack up my apartment and pack for my business trip which I leave for tomorrow.

I hate my life right now. This is not fun at all.

So, as I am packing up the kitchen I noticed a bottle of wine sitting on top of my table. Now there is a big chance that if I pack this bottle for the move, it just may potentially break. So I have figured out a way to avoid this. I haven't packed my bottle opener yet and I have plastic cups out for us to use until the last moment before we move. Yep, you guessed it! I'm going to crack open that baby and drink it.
1. It will make my packing experience a much more pleasant one
2. I will avoid a damn good bottle of wine being broken in the move
3. It will make me happy

Ok, enough blogging, back to working, packing, and drinking wine all at the same time!

The joys of wine... oh yeah, and packing, moving, etc.


Hillary said...

Sounds like the perfect solution!

AVONLadyinSC said...

You did the right thing, Mrs. Newylwed Giggles for wine lovers everywhere to be happy :) We must never let a bottle of wine go unopened and risk it breaking in a move. Good luck moving.