Sep 10, 2009

Note to Self: Don't switch sides

Remember when I posted about Mr. Newlywed Giggle and his restraint to switch sides on the bed with me for one night? If not, you can catch up here in the first paragraph of the post.

Well, last night we went to bed and as we were laying there I thought I would ask to switch sides. Thinking he would say no, I decided to ask the question. Surprisingly, he said sure.


The minute we switched sides, Mr. Newlywed Giggles was tossing and turning and could not get comfortable at all. Then he proceeded to tell me that he might fall off the bed. Yep, you read right that last sentence right. For most of his life, he had his bed always against the wall. Now when we switched sides, I ended up being against the wall and he was on the edge. This freaked him out. He then made sure he took the extra pillows and decorative pillows and make a little cushion IN CASE he fell off the bed!

We both slept like crap last night... we tossed and turned all night long.

Tonight, we go back to our "assigned spots" and I don't think we will switch.

So, have any of you ever tried to switch sides?


Anonymous said...

Serves you right for switching sides. I always tell the ladies that the wall is my side. Like Mr. NWG I've always slept against the wall. At least he cares enough about you that he let you sleep on his side.
---The Lord

JW said...

I've been sleeping on "his side" most of the summer. I need the fan, but it makes his nose stuffy, so I sleep closer to the fan. We never really had "assigned" sides. We just occasionally switched around for whatever reason. It was kind of odd on "his side" for awhile, but not anymore. Its actually easier because now I'm closer to the table so I don't have to reach blindly to turn off my alarm or try to reach over Mr. Yellow to get my glasses. It wasn't pretty when I had to, considering I was usually more asleep than awake and blind.

Pollyanna said...

When we first got married, he needed to sleep on the side with the nightstand (only had the one and it was on my side) so he would have a good place to keep his inhaler. I suppose keeping the new hubby breathing would be a good thing so I was agreeable to a switch.

Then, a few years later, we bought a new house and the nightstand fit better on the other side of the bed. So we switched again. Ha - it only took a couple of years, but I got my side back :)

Unknown said...

We've never switched at home, but we always switch when we're not - whether at hotels or with family. I think I randomly started that on one of our trips...