Sep 22, 2009

My confession

I have a confession...

This past week I finally went to my photographer's studio to look at the layout design of our wedding album.

Why is this a confession? Because my wedding was November 16, 2008, which means I am about two months away from my one year anniversary and still don't have my wedding album.

How do I feel about this? Perfectly fine! It's funny because I hear so many brides say how upset they are that they have to wait for their wedding album and they call the photographer to try to speed up the process, etc. I say, "take your time!" I'd rather have my wedding photographer take his time on designing and making sure every detail of my album is perfect with no pressure at all.

So, the layout was AMAZING. We both just kept saying how incredibly talented our photographer is! So hopefully in about 3-4 weeks we will have our wedding album in our hands to share and remember the great memories we had on our wedding day.

And some more news to share with you all is that Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed Giggles will be moving to a bigger and better apartment in mid-October! So, the next couple of weeks are going to be a bit stressful but I can't wait to share you with some photos of our new digs when we have it all set-up. Stay tuned!


Mrs. D said...

You are not the only one! I got married last December and have yet to order photos. I love them... but I just haven't found the time.

Just found your blog - looking forward to reading more!

Pollyanna said...

It's actually a smart thing to wait. You're so emotional right after the wedding, you want one of EVERYTHING. You end up over-spending.

Terrible thing, I couldn't find my wedding album last week (our 10 year was on the 11th). I think (hope) it's in the spare room closet. I know it moved with us. We still own the old house and I'm sure one of the last three families that lived there would have told us if they found it.