Sep 30, 2009

Ah, the college days

I was talking to an old college friend who recently found me on facebook and my conversation with him reminded me of some good ole college days. I thought of this while we were chatting and would like to share with you all so you can start your morning off with a giggle.

It begins with a bunch of us thinking it would be cool to drink in between classes. This idea went into planning mode ASAP. Next thing you know, we are armed with red solo cups, sprite and a bottle of vodka (I believe, not too sure). Since none of us lived in campus, our only option was to drink in the car in the parking lot. We all gather into my car and start pouring away while laughing and have a good time. We were having such a good time that I went to grab my phone and BAM, my phone drops right into my FULL cup of Sprite and Vodka. It was completely emerged in the cup. I of course freak out and proceed to take the phone out of the cup. Now, the phone is soaking wet with SODA and VODKA... both things that will make it a sticky mess. So, I immediately turn on the defroster in the car and place my phone and battery over the vent in hopes that it will dry up quickly and not too much damage. Do you think this accident stopped us from drinking? Nope. We continued to have a good time then sat in Finance class and giggled to ourselves the whole time. Since that day, the phone's keys were always sticky and didn't necessarily work every time.

The joys of college days...


Unknown said... it!! :) I so terribly miss my college days!

Confessions Of A Domestic Goddess said...

hahaha! Love it! I had a college flashback yesterday...I shoved a bottle of champagne into my purse because I had too much to carry into the house. I shoved it in, and just went 'whoa! soph year flashback!'....gotta love college lol

missfashionista said...

OMG I remember the phoooooonnneee!!!! that was funny. Please note, everyone, that this was indeed and EVENING class. no drinking going on during the day. lol.