Aug 31, 2009

I rocked it like I was 21!

On Saturday I had my 26th birthday party celebration! But I really rocked it like I was turning 21! We had so much. A whole bunch of friends got together for dinner at a sushi buffet place. Then after that we headed to the club to put our dancing shoes on and party all night long! And we did! My poor feet were killing me by 2 in the morning and I couldn't bare to dance anymore even though I REALLY wanted to keep dancing all night long. But I had such a blast!

At dinner, we had a huge long table and it was BYOB so let's just say we all got very typsy while enjoying dinner. There were empty bottles everywhere! In our defense, there were about 16 of us. :)

Then, my friend bought me a birthday cake to share with everyone and it was great because the staff from the Sushi buffet place came out with gongs, tambourines, and all other sorts of instruments with candles on my birthday cake and all! They dimmed the lights and there just happen to be a disco ball right above our table that lit up the restaurant like a club while everyone sang Happy Birthday to me! Awesome, I know!

So, I leave you with some pics from the birthday bash... but also with some pics of my NEW HAIR DO!!!

This was me before:

And this is me now!

Birthday table of close friends!

My big birthday candle along with my small ones!

Group shot!

My sister-in-crime and me... and my goofy friend in the back!

Me with the boys!

I think that by this point, the wine started to kick in

This me and friend (her name is Justyna but we call each other friend because we are cool like that!)

Me and my best friend who is so much fun to party with

Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed Giggles dancing at the club

Mr. Newlywed Giggle giving the sexy look and Mrs. Newlywed Giggle giggling!

This is before we left the house to go to dinner

The joys of spending birthdays with close friends...


Unknown said...

Aww...It looks like you had a great time! I turned twenty-six this year, and I don't know about you....but, it felt a little odd becoming a "late-twenty something"! Happy Birthday!

Shannon Dew said...

LOVE your new hair!!!

Unknown said...

i loove your hairr, Kenya!!!!!! sorry couldn't be there enjoying a good time...

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