Jul 12, 2009

pimp your veggies

Since I was addicted to theknot.com while planning my wedding, the day after my wedding, theknot.com conveniently switched me over the thenest.com. Which means I now receive their magazine. And the picture above was one of the titles in the magazine. pimp your veggies. This most definitely caught my attention! I started laughing and thought it was a great way to describe making veggies more appealing. Some of the suggestion were to "pimp" them out with some olive oil, cheese, roasting them, etc. So, I will now start to pimp my veggies. I wonder how much money I can make off of them.... maybe then I'll start to pimp my meats.

Do you pimp your veggies?

The joys of learning how to cook...

1 comment:

tanzer1326 said...

haha. I too was addicted to the knot and then the nest and now the bump! I miss my old knottie and nestie days though! :-)