Jul 15, 2009

"I always wanted to work as a make-up artist for the dead"

Yep, you read the title right. That was the topic of conversation between two ladies today. I was standing on the platform waiting for my train and was attempting to ready my book, but these two ladies were so loud they made it hard to read. So, I stopped reading and figured I hear what they have to talk about since they were super duper loud.

It started talking about funeral costs and the ridiculous charges this woman saw on her bill from her mother's funeral and how it made her laugh seeing charges such as $150 for hair. This is when the second lady interrupted her story and said with a serious tone, "I always wanted to work as a make-up artist for the dead. It would be a great job. Nobody to bother you. I should maybe look into that, and hey, if they are charging $150 for hair, imagine the money I can make with make-up."

The joys of commuting to NYC...

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Pollyanna said...

Oh, my gosh!

The most interesting thing I've heard while standing on the metro link platform was a woman who continually said, "You know what I mean, motherf---er." I swear that's the only thing she said!!!