Jun 30, 2009

Why I love my Saturday mornings

During the week, I am the first to get out of bed as I leave to work much earlier than Mr. Newlywed. But when it comes to the weekend, Saturday is the only day I really have to sleep in, as Sunday I usually go to church in the morning. What I love the most about Saturday mornings is that I get to wake up with Mr. Newlywed. We usually lay in bed as we wake up and I love it because we have a chance to talk to each other while we cuddle in each others arms. It is usually our time together with no interruptions such as TV, laptop, cell phone. Saturday mornings start off my weekend with a big smile on my face.

Dear Mr. Newlywed, if you are reading this, thanks for those Saturday mornings. And also thanks for when I drag you back into bed when you try to get away because I just want to have one more minute with you. That extra minute means the world to me. I love you!

Mrs. Newlywed

The joys of a summer morning....