Jun 18, 2009

Things I want Thursday

So, I have been following the wonderful Sass over at her blog and she is truly wonderful. She has this blog post named "Things I want Thursday" and since I was feeling a bit down because of the weather and some other stresses, I figured I would post my version.

Things I want...... and maybe you can help?
  • I want to be on an island sipping a pina colada
  • I want to have motivation at my job to get things that need to be done
  • I want it to stop raining already.. Seriously, raining for two weeks. Are we being punished? Or is it really April and not June and I'm still dreaming. If I am dreaming, wake me up!
  • I want a personal chef to cook dinner everyday so I don't have to.
  • I want people to stop asking me when I'm having kids. For goodness sake people, I JUST got married this past November. I did not mark myself as a baby machine. I would like to enjoy my couple time before we have babies. I want to do things like go on vacation, stay out late at the movie theater, go to Hooters for wings and a beer. Seriously, what is the obsession with people pressuring newlyweds to have babies? Is it because you had babies right away and are trapped now and want to sucker other couples into it? If you know better, you would know NOT to ask me that question. It's annoying. And don't say you don't know it's annoying because you hear plenty of other newlywed couples complain of the same thing. And for those newlyweds who are going through this, you can do what I do which seems to work... Look at them with a serious face and tell them that you have decided to not have kids and just turn and walk away. This stops the questions.
  • I want October 17th to be tomorrow because then that would mean that we leave for our cruise vacation
  • I want to be a super wife who is able to manage everything in her life and still walk around with a happy smile on her face.
  • I want flowers.. preferably carnations because I love carnations
  • I want dinner to be ready when I come home, even if it's pancakes.
  • I want someone to throw me a surprise party for my birthday so I don't have to plan my own like I do every year.
  • I want a Lexus for the week and an Audi for the weekends
  • I want more followers to my blog so I can make them giggle with some of my stories
  • I want to stay 25 forever and not get old. The thought of being wrinkly really urks me out.
  • I want someone to buy me a new wardrobe because I hate shopping for clothes
  • I want have a salary of $400,000 because that would make my life much easier.
  • I want.......

hmm.. this is good therapy.. maybe I will continue this next week... or go back to reading Sass's and attempt to help her get the things she wants.

The joys of a rainy Thursday when I have had too much time to think....

PS. Sorry if this is ranting.... but then maybe I'm not.. who knows.


Unknown said...

lol, My husband and I didn't have children until 9 years after we got married and the questions never stopped. My mother-in-law actually told my husband recently that she thought we weren't able to have children and that's why she stopped asking. Apparently that's what a lot of people thought after a while, lol! Boy did we surprise them!

Pollyanna said...

I have two girls and it's a well known fact that we have made arrangements so we can't have any more children because we do not want anymore. But I can't tell you how often I get asked, "So are you gonna go for a boy?" I just got the youngest over-night potty-trained, I would have to be high on some pretty excellent drugs to even THINK about "going for a boy" and starting over with the whole baby thing.

Don't worry about getting older than 25 (although, you'll have to change your profile). I'm 35, I'm happier now than I was at 25 (which is when I got married as well). There's a comfort that comes with age - I know I didn't believe it either, but it's true!

Good luck with those wants - I think the hubs should take care of a couple of those right away (nudge, nudge, dinner & flowers).

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I like your first want!! I'll take that too, haha!

me said...

I totally get you...It's bad enough the ladies at CHURCH ask me when we're going to have babies... it's even worse when they ask you if you're having safe sex so you don't have babies!!!! WTF ladies from CHURCH? MYOB! And there's even the occasional "fake hug". You know, were they sorta hug you but keep enough space between the two of you so that they can POKE your belly and ask you in your ear, "Are you pregnant yet?". I think I will do just as you said....Say no babies and walk away... Those old, puerto rican and mexican ladies from church are like my grandmothers...but c'mon!!!!!!! Ok. There. I vented. I feel slightly better now.

Kenya said...

I'm so with you Rachel! I wish I was skinny and didn't have the belly I do, because it's not a pregnant belly, just a I-love-to-eat belly and boy do the curious looks drive me crazy!

Kenya said...

@Mrs. Southern Bride, we can each have as many as we want - in reference to my first want. lol

Sass said...

Love it. The whole purpose of the post is to "rant," which you did not. ;) You just dreamed...like I do!

Thanks for the link!!!