Jun 12, 2009

Let's race 3.5 miles!

So yesterday I decided to walk 3.5 miles. Not because I actually felt like doing it for my own good, but because my company participated in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. This is my third year and every time we have SO much fun! You have the option of running or walking the race, so we walked and had a good time with lots of giggles!

Here I am balancing the empty cup on my head while I walked along the race. The cup is empty because it was previously poured on me.

Here are some of my colleagues.... He was running around in circles around her! I told you we like to have fun!

Now this was hilarious to us! My friend told me to run up and walk at the same pace with the guy on the left because he was so tall. Granted, I am only five feet tall but this guy was REALLY tall.

Here I am! This is as we are in the car cutting across town to get to Central Park for the race.

Yep, you guessed it. They are skipping!

And saving the best for last, these two gentlemen were the extremes of each other. The one on the left had huge calf muscles in his legs, meanwhile the guy on the right has teeny wheeny tiny legs. And as you can see they have matching white sweatbands and very short shorts.

All in all we had a great time at this event. Looking forward to next year's!

The joys of corporate challenge....

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J+W said...

We do this too at our firm! This year was my 1st year participating. It's a great event and a total eye opener about my fitness physique! I vow to jog next year instead of walk! =)