Jun 2, 2009

Are you his daughter? No, I'm his wife

So, my dad went into the hospital on Thursday and while we were at the hospital, a lovely nurse came in to the room with what looked like a book of questions to answer. It literally took us about 10 minutes to answer all the questions, having to do with medical history. So, as the lovely nurse is almost finished with the book of questions, she looks over to my mother and asks her if she is his daughter. Now, I immediately start to giggle and say "No, I'm his daughter." and my mom says "I'm his wife". The lovely nurse looked like she was about to die in the hospital room meanwhile my dad is laughing so hard along with me because we just couldn't contain ourselves. So the lovely nurse says "I'm sorry if I offended you." in which my response is "Offender her, you just gave her the best compliment ever!".... and we all started to laugh together.

Some background info for you all to fully appreciate your giggle you have right now after reading the above. My parents are 13 years apart in age. My father is 65 and my mom is 52. I have an older sister who is 32 and I'm 25. Now, my mother does look younger than 52 but I also think that my dad does not look like he's 65 either. Below is picture of the four of us on my wedding day taken this past November.

Do your parents have a big age difference?


tanzer1326 said...

lol that is great! What a compliment for your mom! My parents are only 2 years apart and I don't have any siblings to compare to. Great story and I am sure the laugh that you all had together was much needed!

Adventures in Newlywed said...

My parents don't have a big age difference, but Newlywed Husband and I are almost 12 years apart - I'm pretty small, and the women in my family tend to look a LOT younger than they actually are, so Newlywed Husband may be asked the same question in 15 or 20 years :)
Hope your dad is better soon!

Lindsey said...

Hahaha that is so funny!!! My mom is 52 and I'm 25 and people ask if we're sisters!