Jun 17, 2009

Annoying Habit Wednesday - Dishes

Annoying Habit Wednesday

Is it that time already? My gosh it is!

Today's annoying habit is brought to you by the Mr.

  • The Mrs. leaving dishes in the sink for a day, or two, or three.
Yep, I will tell you that I do this. I have no shame. Why? Well, after I come home from work I am the one who always cooks, unless there is a night when we order out of course. Unlike the Mr., I get home from work and cook dinner so I spend maybe about an hour and half in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the Mr. comes home from work and usually gets to sit down and relax on the couch and catch up on the internet and watch TV. So, that is his relaxing time. Quite frankly, I want some of that time for myself too. I leave my house usually (not all the time, but usually) around 7:30am and get home at 5:30. So, it's been a long day. Especially walking 10 blocks to the work and back 10 blocks to the train station, then switching trains, walking to my car and driving 10 minutes to get home. You may say this is routine and I should get used to it, but what is funny that the train system and weather is never the same everyday. So, can't get much of a routine. (and yes, I am complaining and I'm allowed to complain, it's my blog).

Anyways, when I come home and have to stand to cook dinner in the HOT kitchen (which started now in the summer month only), I get tired and would LOVE the luxury of sitting down and watching some TV and catching up on my blogs right after I walk in the door from work, but since I am the only one who cooks, I don't get that luxury as much as the Mr. So, yes, I sometimes leave the dishes because by 7:30 when we are usually done eating dinner, the last thing I want to do is stand in the kitchen and wash dishes. For example, when I go home today, I know have to wash the dishes in the sink, which now makes me like it better because I can wash while cooking at the same time so I kind of feel like I can kill two birds with one stone. So, there you have it, I don't wash the dishes everyday. They sometime sit there for more than a day.

So, does your Mr. cook at all, wash the dishes, do none??


Pollyanna said...


Somehow, I too am saddled with this chore AND the laundry. I'm not sure Hubby even knows how to use the wash machine.

About those dishes. I can't tell you how many times I've unloaded the dishwasher only to load it up again with enough dishes to run another cycle. Don't get me started on how many cups my kids have to use at dinner - milk, water, kool aid . . .

Anonymous said...

Mr. Newlywed-
Here's a novel concept: If you don't like dishes left in the sink, WASH THEM YOURSELF.