May 24, 2009

Terminator Salvation

So, tonight we went to the movie theater to see the Terminator Salvation movie. My review to you, it was good. I enjoyed the movie. Want to know why I enjoyed the movie even more? Because my lover (yeah, I said it, he's my lover) is in the movie. Christian Bale.

I don't care what anyone says, but Christian Bale has to be one of the hottest and most handsome guy ever created in this world. I love him. I adore him. I want him. Yep, he's that cute. And his accent just melts my heart away!

I will of course say that my lover was great in this movie.

I will now head to bed to dream about Christian Bale.......♥

The joys of Christian Bale...

1 comment:

rachel said...

sexy indeed...i just saw "little women" and he's in it too... oh Winona you stupid, stupid girl!!! And ever seen him in "Newsies"?? Man is all full of talent. =)