May 15, 2009

Snuggie + Robber = A crime that's warm and fuzzy

So what does a snuggie and a robber equal? Snuggie-wearing Newton teen accused of trying to break into a store. This article was sent to me by husband late afternoon yesterday. First of all, the reason he sent it to me is because I keep trying to convince him to buy me a snuggie because I would SO use it all the time. So, I read the story and say, wow, how crazy that this teen was wearing a snuggie in a robbery. But, as soon as I finished the article, my husband told me to read the comments. Boy, some people are hilarious! I posted some comments to the story below, but make sure you visit the link to read all of them which is worth your time because it is funny!

So, below some comments:

  • "Ryzner-Meredith is charged with criminal mischief, attempted burglary and possession of burglar's tools."

    And possession of a dangerously comfortable and warm blanket/shirt hybrid.

  • ...announced today that the state senate has a law HR3245 that will put electronic tracers in Snuggies so this crime doesn't happen again.
  • I wonder when Charlton Heston and the National Snuggie Association (NSnA) will get involved.
  • The Snuggie Thuggies!
  • If the poor guy was low on funds, he should have just sold the free reading light.