May 7, 2009

Assignment - What side of the bed?

So, last night I asked my husband to switch sides. Why, no specific reason. He looked at me like I was crazy and said he couldn't because it would mess up his whole routine. I then stared at him like he was crazy. Clearly, I was the crazy one. Now, what made me giggle was the following words that came out of his mouth: "We did our assignments when we first moved in. I sleep on this side against the wall and you sleep on that side because it makes it easier for you since you get up first in the morning." Assignments? Yes, we did assign our spots the very first night we slept in our apartment but I just think it's hilarious that he calls it assigned spots.

Then, I saw this cartoon and brought me to another point. Things I learned about my husbands and my sleep habits while living together:

  1. He is the blanket hogger
  2. I am the bed hogger
  3. I snore (please note that I never hid this fact from my husband, but I guess listening to it everyday it's starting to annoy him. Oh well)
  4. I gravitate towards the middle of the bed during the middle of the night
  5. He hates it when I gravitate towards the middle of the bed
  6. He sleeps on his back
  7. I sleep on my side
  8. Because of our sleeping styles, my elbow is ALWAYS jamming up against his ribcage (this happens when I gravitate towards the middle)
  9. He can sleep all morning long
  10. I can only sleep until maybe 9:30am (that's really pushing it) even if I went to bed at 6am and am extremely tired. My body is just trained to get up early since I get up at 6am for work everyday.
There are many other observations and I think I will create a segment called "Annoying Habits Wednesday". I will update every Wednesday on a new annoying habit that either myself or my wonderful husband have learned about each other. This can be fun.

The joys of living with a boy....


Anonymous said...

Wait until 6 years go by. Your blog will be a few miles long. What you will learn is that a little music tones down the snoring. An extra blanket correct the hogging. A big bed helps the shifting. Assigned spots get changed when you realize if we switch sides that elbow now is in by back not my rib. Just a little more comfortable. Imagine there is no kids to enhance the situation or any pets.

Kenya said...

That's why I can't wait for the following:

A KING size bed. That suited us very well during vacation. Queen will just not cut it.

Cheap Wife said...

That cartoon cracked me up! I am going to have to show it to my fiance. I steal the covers everynight haha

tanzer1326 said...

LOL oh the married life! When Eric and I got married and started sharing a bed I told him that I had to sleep on the right side of the bed. I have always had a queen size bed in my room and have always slept on the right side of it. He could care less since he has had a twin bed all of his life and did not care which side he slept on! So yes, this is a 'normal' newlywed discussion! :-) Luckily for us though we both sleep on our sides, so we fit well. Eric does snore though and it is annoying if he falls asleep before me. I just try to not let that happen too often ;-) Just wait until you add a child that has to sleep in between mommy and daddy, that is when it gets exciting!

SquirrelQueen said...

I love the cartoon, wonder if that would work on my husband? If my hubby sleeps on his back he snores, if he sleeps on his side all is good.

Kate said...

We have assigned sleeping sides and I CANNOT fall asleep unless I'm on my side. Ryan sometimes wants to switch, and I'll have to wait till he's asleep and then get out of bed, get in on my side, and push him over.