Mar 25, 2009

Weird car guy

OK, so every morning I get to the train station pretty much around the same time to park my car. As it was in grammar school when you would sit in the same exact spot every time during lunch, the same notions apply to parking in the train station. So I usually park my car in the same spot and there is always this guy who owns a BMW (NOT a new one, let's say maybe early 2000s) who parks across from me. And this is how it goes:

I park my car and usually about a minute later, this guy, let's call him Speedy, comes speeding across the corner zipping his car into the parking spot as he turns the sharp corner as if he was in a competition with a race car driver. Now, knowing that this guys like to speed around corners in a parking lot, you would think that he doesn't really care about this car so much? Well, he parks his car and then sits there until it's time to walk to the platform. As he is locking his car up, he always does this: Walks around his car and inspects it, I assume for scratches and dents. But this is the part that gets me, as he walks towards the platform after checking his car, he keeps LOOKING back at his car as if in the minute he is walking, someone is going to come and crash into it! Now to me, this is just annoying. If you're going to be so anal about your car, then don't buy an expensive car and stay home!

These are the things that annoy me about commuting to work.

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Carson Wininger said...

LOL! Will you consider me a “weird car guy” too if I gave my name a car and talk to it as if it’s a real person and it’s going to respond? Because that’s exactly what I often do. :D Anyway, I think that guy is just so attached to his car. You know, treating it like his own precious baby.